About Blue Arrow and Myself.

First of all I must say, that I am a communicator between the spirit world and the people on earth,

we are not special people, we just communicate between the earth, and the spirit world giving messages

 from people who have passed over, to the spirit world.

Blue is a Native American Indian who has been working with me for a few years,

and I met Blue when I was sitting in circle one day.

It all started, when I was a youngster, and yes I did have an imaginary friend, but I was a quiet boy, whereupon I kept myself to myself,   quite happy to be alone, than be with someone else.


My first experience of seeing spirit, or spirit energy as some people call it, was when I was 19 years old, and I was in the middle of a field, no houses nearby, and no noise, when I saw an image of an elderly lady as clear as anything, but then quick as a flash she disappeared, just out of sight, I thought it was my eyes, but found out three days later, that the lady had passed over two days earlier to the spirit world, and that she used to walk her dogs in the field that I had been in.


Then after my experience, I was intrigued by the spirit world and mediums, I went and saw a medium work, I went with a friend and the message that the medium gave my friend  was amazing, and at this time thought, that he had either listened to our conversation, or had plants in the audience, telling us, about the car that was being driven that night.


I had even been to see the late Doris Stokes, where there were people outside, bearing leaflets and banners, saying that it was evil, and donít go in there, (I must point out at this time, that we do still have people and religions, stating that contacting people from the other side is evil, and that we are in league with devil, but whoever we are, whatever religion we may be, we still pray to the same person, who is god)


It was when watching the late Doris Stokes, when a lady next to me, had a message from a child in the spirit world, that had been murdered, I felt a cold chill around me, and felt, like I wanted to cry with that lady, but I never had chance as the lady left, with a smile, knowing that her daughter was always around her.


When I was 30 I had a near death experience leaving me paralysed for over 3 months, And it wasnít until I was in the intensive care unit of my local hospital, that I saw a nun, I was in and out of sleep, but I looked up and saw this nun, and I thought this is it, Iíve gone

To the other side, but when I looked up again she had gone, and I didnít think anything of it.


It wasnít till very later on in my life that I found out, that this lady was my healing guide, I have only met her once and have never seen her again, but I know that she works alongside me.


By this time, I was still interested in the spirit world, watching mediums work, even to the point of holding evenings of clairvoyance for charity, I had numerous messages, saying that I should be working for spirit, but to me that was a message, and I still needed pure clarification from the spirit world. Yes I had the names, the dates, what was happening in my life, and that happened soon, after my father passed to the spirit world


A local hall, was holding an event, where there were mediums giving readings, people selling crystals etc, and I went a long just to have a browse, when a man, just came up to me and asked to have a word, then he started to talk about my father, and said, your dad said thank you for the rolled up cigarettes, that you leave him, where his ashes are, and donít worry about Gemma, (Gemma was my fatherís dog, and she passed a week after him, my father had said, when he goes, he was taking the dog with him).sheís there with him, well to say I was shocked was an understatement, this man described my father to a tee, and from that day on, I can say I was a true believer in the spirit world.


Later on in my life, I was sitting next to a friend, when I started seeing things, it was like a rolling film, when I explained to this person, what I was seeing they explained to me, it was things about them, which frightened them more than me, knowing about their life, names pictures I was getting, which I couldnít explain, and it wasnít till about a week later, I saw a local lady, who was a well known medium, explained it was spirit trying to communicate with me, and that I needed to join her circle, and that is how I started working for spirit.


If it wasnít for that lady, who had been very special to me in my life, I would not be doing, what  I am doing today, she put me on the right road, and showed me the way of working with the spirit world, unfortunately the lady passed to the spirit world a few years ago, but she is always in my heart.