Angels are here to help us………..              wendy j ryan jan 2012


Angels are eternal and are part of god s creation, they are an example to all of humanity, and all  the saints of the past have had direct communion with them. There are today living saints on this earth who connect with these divine realms. It is indeed possible for everyone, including you, to have this direct communion with the divine presence and connect with angels and to feel their loving guidance in your life.


Angels are not only found in Judeo Christian religion, but are found in many faiths including the Kabbalah, Hinduism, Islam and other religions, and are revered in some Shamanic traditions across the world.  Spiritual seekers, healers and many who do not belong to any religion connect with these divine realms to channel information and divine healing energy.


They are immortal and messengers of God, though God has many names across many traditions, tribes and nations, sometimes called the Creator, and in native traditions known as Great Spirit. There is still a deep understanding of the great winged messengers, in many cultures.


The traditions that believe in a creator will understand that there are angelic realms even if they give these immortal messengers different names in those cultures. In South America they refer to Quetzecoatl as the winged messenger, in Egypt Isis, another winged messenger of the Gods.


The dimensions, the vastness of the heavenly, celestial realms, the beauty, the light, is a light so luminous that when we call on the angels and archangels to guide us, to assist us, the vibration of love that arrives with them, can take your breath away.


The architecture of cathedrals, temples, and places of worship give us in stone, wood, space, light, art and sculpture, the human attempt to capture, or re create the meeting of earth and sky and the divine. Artists are a bridge for us, Chagalls paintings and stained glass  for example, in making visible the divine, and making the invisible, visible. Artists like Michaelangelo,  and countless un named artists, stained glass artists and craftsmen and women down through time have created images of angels which assists us to make this connection to the divine.


So we can enter churches, temples, domes, art galleries and connect through another s interpretation of the divine. We can touch the relics of saints, visit ashrams, or find our own cathedrals in nature. In the beauty of the forests, are natures own temples.


When we find feathers on our path, signs, and miraculous happenings that just cannot be explained, then you know, and then it is your experience, yours, your connection between you GOD and the messengers of GOD. Your connection to the angels.


Finding our own way….. to connect with the angels


Archangel METATRON and Archangel SANDALPHON walked this earth ,

And because they too, made this earthwalk, yes they walked on the earth just like us, we will start by understanding how to connect with them.


You can call on Archangel Sandalphon when you are out in nature, knowing that this angel walked the earth, the same as us, he is the steward of all of nature, and oversees all of creation, from the blade of grass, to the ancient forests, all the creatures and our part in creation.

Call on Sandalphon when you need to trust in your part of creation. You can call on this angel to bring your ideas into manifestation. He will guide your footsteps even when the path seems unclear. Enabling us to trust and walk where we are called to go by the callings of the heart.


You can call on Archangel Metatron, who also walked the earth knowing he also walked the earth before us, it is said he was on earth as the prophet Enoch, and he and Melchizadek created the Mer ka bah. This angel assists us to make the right choices in life, making us accountable for all our actions and choices. Metatron comes on a ray of white and gold light.


Archangel Metatron overseas the book of life, you call call on Metatron when you need to make choices in life, when you need to remember the commitments you made before you were born, so that you live your life to the highest potential, call on him when you need to shed the past and make changes that align you with your higher self and your souls purpose here on earth. Metatron brings enlightenment and spiritual growth, he is the guardian of the void, a place of infinite healing and miracles.


Archangel Auriel brings tenderness and gentleness into our lives, she brings the energy of the divine feminine, like a gentle mother that watches over us, you can call on her in times of distress and suffering, when you feel lost or helpless, call on her when you need to find peace in your life, to help you forgive and let go of past hurts, when you need to open your hearts to others. She is the Archangel of the moon and assists us with emotional imbalance, bringing harmony to a suffering heart.


Archangel Rafael is often refered to as the divine physician, and comes on a green ray of healing energy. Rafael will assist healers in their work, and you can call on the divine healing energy of Rafael, if you are in need of healing. You can also call on Rafael to bring people into your life who will assist you on your life s mission, if that entails assisting humanity. If you are out of balance, call on archangel Rafael to bring all back into harmony and balance. If you find it hard to give or receive love, call on him to bring the emerald ray into your heart.


Archangel Michael carries a sword, which is a sword of freedom, allowing us to cut through any obstacles, cut through old ties that may bind us in the three dimensional world, or to agreements or patterns that no longer serve us. He also has the support of legions of light and hundreds of thousands of angels, and when you call on him, you may see bright blue starry sparkles in the air around you, such is the force of archangel Michael. You can call on him to replace fear with light and courage, this power gives you a firm foundation, and this power allows you to treat others with utmost gentleness. He also comes on a ray of yellow and removes fear from the solar plexus.


Archangel Hanael is a spiritual warrior who works by the side of Archangel Michael, you can call on Hanael when you face any obstacles in your life, and need to find new resources and energy to move forward, he will give you courage to face into difficulties, in situations where you may need to find your voice to speak out against injustice and make yourself heard.

Call on him as he will never surrender to the darkness and he will be an ally in a dark night of the soul assisting you to find purpose and to be assertive if this is required.


Archangel Samuel watches over us in times of adversity, you can call on her, when you have taken a wrong decision, are feeling lost and she will watch over you like a kind parent enabling you to learn and grow from this situation, transforming difficulties alchemically into your personal gold.

When you question truths in your life, call on Samuel to show you the deeper truth within the situation.


Archangel Zadkiel will bathe you in the violet flame and renew you and give you a sense of being full, when you feel full, you attract more abundance into your life and have more to offer the world.

The violet ray of Zadkiel allows you to be completely nourished, allowing us to be generous, giving from a place of feeling full, you can imagine resting in the light of this angel when you need comfort, and to feel that all is provided for. When you wish to feel completely whole just imagine you are in this Archangels temple being bathed in the Violet flame.

Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of divine joy, you can use Amethyst crystals to connect with the violet ray of this archangel.


Archangel Raziel allows us to connect with the deeper mysteries of life, the indigo ray opens the third eye or brow chakra. Call on Archangel Raziel when you wish to have direct visions of God, or Great Spirit, when you wish to transcend normal reality.. to understand the great mystery, connect with this archangel to deepen your spiritual wisdom.


Archangel Chamuel comes on the pink ray of divine love. You can wear rose quartz to assist you connecting to this archangel, bringing more love into your life. Imagine yourself filling with pink light.


Archangel Gabriel, call on this archangel in times of change, for spiritual growth and guidance, this angel will leave you signs in the physical world, look out for messages, these may be feathers on your path, signs that give clues to your direction, synchronicites, the world has many messages from the angels for you when you are open to receive them.


Archangel Gabriel will work with you Guardian angel and together they watch over your spiritual growth.




Your guardian angel watches over you constantly, and is different from  your Spirit Guides, and helping spirits. Your guardian angel watches over you from the moment your soul decides to come to Earth, some see it as the moment of your conception.


Your angel, your guardian angel stays with you while you make the transition through the dying process, and watches over you in the after life, what the Buddhists call the Bardo, as you make the journey back to source, through the many realms of the spirit world after death.


Our guardian angel makes sure that we live the span of our life that we are destined to live, though we have some choices over our destiny, as we are given free will, and can choose a path of miracles, finding a thread which will propel us on a path of miracles if we so choose, even when faced with life threatening illnesses, and your guardian angel will assist you to find this thread and step outside of linear time, and reach your fullest potential to learn and achieve all you are meant to in this lifetime.


Your guardian angel will only draw close to you if you call its presence, and this being of angelic light will appear in a form that is most suited for you, they will appear in a form that you will warm to and find easy to relate to.


Some people will feel like they are being touched gently, or feel the gentleness of feathery wings, to some the guardian angel may appear as a wise monk, or light, a fragrance or simply a warm feeling in your heart, and some hear the sounds of music and an inner voice guiding them, you may find unexplainable signs in the 3 D world, one friend of mine found a rubber band with the word angel written on it.


You may recall a time when a miracle occurred in your life, and just know it was divine intervention. I have twice been saved by a higher force, once I skidded in the wet off the road at 60 miles an hour heading for a tree, and the car went along a hedge off the road for 100 yards and the car lit up, and was golden, and afterwards I was completely unharmed and there was not even a scratch on the car.


On another occasion a car was coming at me head on a very busy road, and my car just moved sideways, the passenger in my car was very surprised, and I just said oh, Great Spirit moved us, and they knew something very amazing and unexplainable had happened.


It may be helpful for you to take a LIFE REVIEW and to understand how your guardian angel has protected you so far.



Turn off your phone and make sure you will be undisturbed, you may wish to light and candle and make yourself comfortable with extra pillows and blankets, get a journal and some pens, crayons and or paints.

You may wish to light some incense, this is a gift to the angelic realms.

Take 5 deep breaths, and with each in breath ask your guardian angel to draw closer to you, with each out breath let go of any thoughts and worries you may have, stepping into a sacred space.

You may wish to call on the direction of the EAST asking all the ARCHANGELS in the CELESTIAL COURT to surround you with light, illumination and protection and as you do, you may feel the energy in the room change.


 Then allow your breathing to find its own rhythm, and focus on your heart chakra, imagine it opening wider and wider, and becoming brighter and brighter.


Relax any areas of your body that feel tense, by breathing into them.


Then ask your Guardian angel to come close to you and wrap its wings around you.


Then begin to draw the shape of an angel on your notebook or piece of paper, allowing the shape to form and not worrying how it looks just keep drawing or painting, and notice how your breath is, keep the breath flowing.


Then at the top of the page write BIRTH as your angel was with you as you entered this world, and thank the angel for watching over you as you came into this world.


Then begin to add to your drawing, intuit where to place major life events on the drawing, from your birth, through your childhood, your adolescence, and in your adult life, choose colours that you feel guided to use, and draw or write major traumas, life changes, relationships, births, celebrations, and any very unusual or magical experiences.


As you do this be aware of any sensations, emotions and memories that may arise. Then take a coloured pen and add to the drawing a symbol that for you will represent your guardian angel and add this to all the areas where you now have a sense that your guardian angel was watching over you.


Also you may add the names of people who were close to you, and helped you, sometimes complete strangers who helped you at those moments in your life, as often angels will appear in our life in human form.


Then close your eyes and imagine your guardian angel holding you in a loving presence, close your eyes for 5 minutes and then write or draw any thoughts that may come to you, and also you can ask your guardian angel a question, and notice any feelings or guidance that comes to you.


Then add this to your drawing or write this on another page.


Then sit quietly with your drawing for about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing time to absorb this experience into the core of your being.




And as archangels are mutli dimensional beings you can call on them at anytime for assistance, clarity, and for healing.


It is best to call them truly from your heart, rather than using a special prayer, as calling from the heart is the purest way to call them.


Then you will be able to ask for the deepest longings in your soul to be heard, and you may notice the temperature and the energy of the room change. You can gaze into the candle and the flame may turn into an angel, as the divine has many ways of making their presence known to you.


It is important to give thanks from your heart to your Guardian angel for watching over you, and give thanks to any other angels you have called to your side.


You then release any angels or archangels you have called to assist you, and give thanks to your guardian angel and thank them for staying with you.


Write any additional notes in your journal.


Breath into your body, 3 deep breaths, feel the ground, imagine your connection to the earth, feel your connection to mother earth, grounding yourself.


Breath deeply again and bring your awareness back into the room, blow out your candle and drink some water.


There are many ways to deepen your connection to the angelic realms, and to your guardian angel, and bring the sacred into your life.


As you deepen your connection, it assists you to bring more of the divine into your life, and as you do this you will find your life will change, as you are opening the heart and the higher centres by doing this, as you continue to deepen your understanding of angels and archangels you will open your SOUL STAR   or ANGELIC chakra which is outside of your physical body, above your head, in Peru this is called the Virracoccha, and in all sacred teachings these angelic chakras outside of your body awaken to connect you with the divine.



with blessings on your day from wendy

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