DO WE ACTUALLY NEED THAT READING


Working as a psychic spiritual medium, I hear and see a lot of things, and since myself and Sue, do a lot of free readings on social media, such as facebook, I have noticed a lot of people, saying I need a reading, and when you ask why, a lot of people, cant actually answer that question, there is the ones that say, well I want to hear if my relatives are ok, but most want to know the future.

I find that when we are doing our readings on social media, the same people will be watching other mediums, and asking for readings, when they have just had one.

I also work on a phone line, and sometimes its peoples way of letting off steam, because things are not going their way, or they are stuck, and not sure which direction to take, so they ring, to ask for advice, the only problem is, that you give advice, but 5 months later, some are still in the same situation, so this is where they donít listen, and carry on with what they are doing. Some are genuine wanting to hear from there loved ones , either because they are lonely, and itís still early days

There are questions that will baffle you, a lady messaged me for a reading, and said oh youíre a reverend, why are you doing this kind of thing. Another lady had phoned up, just to tell me that she didnít like men and was going to abuse me over the phone, just bizarre.

But I find that working in a spiritual hall or church, its completely different, because the message, that you give to someone, not only gives comfort to that person, but to everybody else, because sometime the message, can mean something to someone else in the congregation, and I find that they donít mind if they get a message at all, as some people come not just for the message, but for the healing energy that people send out when in the hall or church

The things is, you have to be open for spirit to come through, if your closed, and only want one person to come through, sometimes they are not ready, and will bring other relatives through, on many occasions ive heard no, I  donít understand, that is because your mind is focused on one person, and you need to ask around, I always believe that spirit is right.

But the main thing is just be patient, donít have a go at the medium, because you havenít had a reading, spirit will always go on vibration and energy, and give others a chance as well to have a reading, but spirit will come through when your ready to have that reading and they are as well 



I was working somewhere the other night, where there was a paranormal team, but they looked a lot like the police. One of them had body armour on, and was carrying handcuffs, me being inquisitive had to ask why. 
I found out that because this person was a team leader, he was the one, that would wind the spirit ups, and he didn't want to get hurt doing this, by them, and secondly, the handcuffs were there, in case anybody got possessed.   Please people have some respect for spirit 


Don't judge others in what they believe in

 As a spiritual Medium, I have my own beliefs in, what I believe in, but I don't judge others in what they believe in either, that is up to that person, to me we are all a person with a soul, and an outer coat

The only issue i have is with some people, that will criticise what either a medium or psychic does

In the centre my partner runs, we will accept any race or religion same as any church.

BUT it seems there are a few people, who do not like what we do, and try and damage our reputation

I advertise our centre on social media, then this is where you get the trolls, saying we are fake and impostors, which causes an in depth argument

As i said we do not judge other peoples religion, ,. so if you have something to say, do it somewhere else