QUOTES FROM MY GUIDE BLUE ARROW



Here on our Spirit World, There is no pain, it is pure love,

There is no worry, there is no crying because we all join together, love is a big communication up here in our spirit world, we donít argue like they do on the earth, there is no rain, there is no snow, it is happiness, happiness when people pass over to the spirit world, but on the  earth world  it is sadness, you should not feel guilt, as the people who are passing over are coming to a new beginning.

The evil you have on this world, people will learn when they get to our world, the wrongs that they have done, why do people think there is hell, because there isnít, it is a myth, again these are peoples lies, like they do on the earth plain,

 People that have wanted and loved their loved ones on the earth plain, will still do, and through the people who can communicate with the spirit world, can give them special messages of joy, the people who give these messages are not special, they are a communicator of spirit, let me divine that, they are communicators, they hear, they sense they smell, these people are chosen few, we are not going to choose people who are not suitable, for this work to the spirit world, and you ask why we give them this gift, donít ask, thank them for what they are doing, because they are acting through love, these people have had experiences of there own which are personal and private, and it is not up to you to ask, if they tell that is fair enough. They have been chosen, these people have there guides  and there helpers, the person i work with has very many he dosen't  know about ,he knows myself as i am his main guide , and the others follow through me, these are the guides that bring spirit through to give you lovely people a message.

 Why donít i ever get a message you ask, well that person , may still be recuperating give that person time, that person hd a lot to deal with, they might have had an illness, and has taken a long time to come to our world, why you ask we cant hurry death we wait for them, we stand and when there time is ready, They will be collected, you have heard the stories, people have seen, it is true, but there is no time in the spirit world, there is no 24 hr clock,  When you pass into our world, it is joy, you are out of pain and agony, but we do have sadness when people come up to our world, who die for the wrong reasons, people who have been murdered, when they come to our world they have to have counselling because what has happened to them, they have come to early to our world, but them people are helping the other people who come to this world, through tragic illness or accident.

There are levels in the spirit world, but more than what people think, our first level, is where people have gone who have done wrong in this world, there they can stay for a long time until they have learnt what they have done wrong in life, and then you reach the second level which is where I explained above. Even those who have passed over with an illness needs help, to recover, like you people do on the earth plain.

I leave you with this short message and say god bless you all

                                                       uk pow wow