Aura is the energy of the life force that spiritually gifted professionals can see around individuals. An energy that surrounds a person can be seen as a color which matches their disposition, spirituality and health. The aura moves around with you and changes with your state of mind and spiritual condition.

Red- Is a warning color which indicates a high level of emotion such as anger and aggression. It can also be a sign of injury or pain in the physical body. Red seen in the upper body can be a sign of a strong drive towards at important guy.

Orange- Is a very social color and can indicate an outgoing and happy personality. Pastel orange can is a cry for a deeper spiritual path. Orange that is almost a brown shade specifies pride or laziness.

Yellow- Is a cognitive color which points to thinking, concentration and analytical matters. Muddy shades of yellow specifies obsessive thinking or criticalness towards others and the world. Spiritual development is shown by a pale yellow.

Green- Can be summarized as 'natures growth' tone. It is the color of healing as these individuals are very calming towards other people. They are centered and well balanced. Muddy changes of green point towards jealousy and possessiveness.

Blue- Light blue shades, particularly in the head region, indicate creativity and imagination. Loneliness is symbolized by deeper blue. Muddy blue signals over sensitivity and worry.

Purple- Usually found around the head region, indicates spiritual striving. Muddy purple means an overbearing nature.

Pink- Indicates love and compassion and is usually seen around the heart region.

White- A strong white aura points to positive energy and life force. Speckled white lights are often seen around psychics and mediums and are a sign of deep spiritual connections and talent.

Black- Can indicate emotional imbalance or illness (but does not mean a terminal illness by any means). Black can symbolizes holes in the aura which need to be healed.

Gold- Guards against negative energy. It also indicates a strong spiritual side.

Silver- Shows the highest spiritual and angelic levels. Many pregnant woman have specks of silver around them.