Chakras: Heart, Throat, Sooths all.Amazonite is useful for those suffering from worry or fears. It guards against negative energy and helps  calms the emotions.. It is beneficial to the nervous system


Benefits: Bladder, Kidneys throat problems, gallbladder, stomach and earache.


Benefits: Headaches, insomnia, skin, teeth, lungs, stomach, heart, endocrine glands, digestive tract, nervous

Benefits: Depression, fatigue, headaches, stress, aids the immune system and helps to release toxins from the body.

Angelite gives protection to its surrounding area and to the body.
. Recommended for astral travel and to enhance telepathy, channelling, psychic healing, re-birth. This is one recommended to healers as it enhances attunement.
Benefits: Infectious diseases, throat infections, inflammation, haemoglobin deficiencies, lungs, arms, and sooths burnís.


Protective barrier to Aura, Throat Chakra aligns and balances all energy centres.
 helps the healing of the eyesight, teeth, bones, stomach and lowers swollen glands.


 This stone also raises vibrations.
Benefits: Hair loss, skin, and fevers. Pain, spine, calcium deficiency, broken bones, twitching and stutter


Colours related to appropriate Chakra colour. Energises Chakras and cleanses.

Benefits: Bowel growths de-calcification and also balances the calcium though the body. Aids the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, skin conditions, tissue healing and blood clotting.

.Orange Calcite
Raises personal energy and Beneficial to the reproductive system, IBS and lowers mucus production whilst removing it from the body.

Mango Calcite
Said to prevent nightmares it allows easier relaxation and sleep. Beneficial for nervous conditions, tension, depression, anxiety, trauma and grief.


Benefits: Hay fever and colds, gall and kidney stones. Aids the female reproductive organs, arthritis, depression, rheumatism and lower spine problems. It also helps the spleen and pancreas.

Benefits: Headaches, liver damage do to alcohol consumption, blood pressure, eyes, heart and general aches and pains.

Chiastolite Cross
Benefits: Fevers, chromosone damage, blood flow, heartburn, paralysis and is also used to benefit mothers who are nursing their baby.

Benefits: Balances blood sugar within the body thus regulating insulin, aids breathing and digestion, builds strength in limbs and back, Useful for infections, fevers, burns, PMS, muscle cramps and spasms.

Benefits: Nightmares, Anorexia, compulsive disorders, depression, self confidence, anger problems, fertility, reproductive organs, eyes, skin problems, relaxation.

Generally it gives you a positive, joyful attitude, with its warm glowing energy.

It is one used for depression and negative feelings, as it will release this despair and unhappiness to replace it with a lighter and more positive energy. It is also good for anyone that finds it difficult to concentrate and express themselves properly as it will help clear the mist in the mind to open concentration and thoughtful expression including expression of the self.Benefits: Depression, guilt, fear, fatigue, blood circulation, digestion, and digestive probems l


Dumortierite is also useful for those with addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and compulsive behaviour disorders. It helps you to find patience and peace.Benefits: Wasting disorders, diarrhoea, cramps, nausea, headaches, epilepsy, the skin and toxins in the body.

.Benefits: Colds, flue, infections, lungs, teeth, ulcers, bone structure, mucus membranes, respiratory tract, rheumatism, arthritis, pain, shingles, skin, libido.

Suitable for the Throat ChakraBeneficial to the throat, ears and eyes. Good for jobs that require thought and organisation. Calming energy, which aids clear and precise communication. Aids spiritual development and awakening.

Earthy stone brings grounding to the spiritual energy of the body. Useful at times when trauma has had an affect on the mind and body. Beneficial for the stomach, heartburn, colitis and sore throats.

Useful for those seeking spiritual development and meditation, especially while working on the third eye. Beneficial for bone problems, cellular structure and also helpful to a healing practitioner as it aids the body prepare for healing.

Clear fluorite is used to open the Crown Chakra and align all Chakras allowing positive energy to enter the body. Clear Fluorite enhances the energy of other crystals and the energy during healing.

This colour is used to remove toxins from the body and aid the liver, lower cholesterol and fatty deposits in the body. Yellow fluorite is also said to attract wealth and prosperity.

Benefits: Spine, lungs, heart, blood cellular structure, increases production of vitamins A, D, and E and magnesium, calcium and iodine.

Good for grounding and protection.
Aids memory recall and original thinking, self belief and ridding oneself of self limitations. Brings feeling of peace and gentle grounding of energies.
Benefits: Leg cramps, blood disorders, insomnia, nervous disorders, spinal mis alignments, fractures and breaks.

Benefits the liver, elimination of toxins and fatty deposits. Aids fevers by reducing temperature.

Jasper is grounding and protecting stone. Helps calm negative energies in the aura.l. Jasper is a stone that is good for times when energy is low as it lifts the spirit. Benefits spleen, bladder, stomach, kidneys, sooths the nerves, helps when one has lost their sense of smell.

Labradorite is a protective stone for the aura as it strengthens,
Benefits disorders of the brain and can help reduce stress. It is also useful for eyesight, metabolism and the digestive system.

Lapis Lazuli
Can be used on the Throat Chakra and Third Eye.
Benefits the throat, thymus, immune system, insomnia, dizziness, vertigo, hearing and skeletal disorders.

Known as the Atlantis stone.

Can be used to help the self-healing process as well as problems with the throat, chest neck and head. Can be used for joints and arteries that are constricted. If placed on a painful spot, it can also be used to draw the pain out.

Clears and activates all Chakras, but has a link to the throat and heart Charka. Enhances spiritual and psychic development.
Benefits asthma, broken bones, swollen joints, immune system and eases the birthing process.

Moqui Marbles

. A useful grounding stone.
Useful for the respiratory, asthma, veins, arteries and muscles. Helps the body to receive vitamins and minerals.

Benefits, fertility, ease PMS the menopause and can be used to aid any female problems. Can help reduce water retention and insomnia. Use on stings and bites and to help increase circulation.

. Grounding and protective stone.
helps with  depression .

Blue Obsidian
Can be used on the Throat Chakra,
Benefits the kidneys, eyes, speech, pain, Alzheimerís and schizophrenia.

Rainbow Obsidian
Brings light, and  love
Benefits those who suffer from depression.

Snowflake Obsidian
Helps with  meditation
Useful for problems with veins, skin, eyes and the bones.

Peridot is an excellent stone for guarding the aura,
Benefits the heart, spleen, lungs, internal tracts, the eyes, those suffering from stomach ulcers

Helps  in meditation and enhances visualisation. Increases the aura and increases protection. Aids connection to the highest levels and helps one to remember their dreams.

Benefits blood, kidneys and the bladder.

Clear quartz helps with  energy. And helps thev connection to their  guides, masters, healers, teachers, etc. Helps with  psychic abilities. Can be used to clear all chakras.  Also is good for
the  immune system.

Aqua Aura
. Useful for those who need peace and quiet and can be used to aid meditation.
as it enhances  energy and healing ability.

Rutilated Quartz
Strengthens connection to angels, can be used on the crown. Aids astral travel.

Smokey Quartz
Grounding and protective and is useful for those who may be suffering a healing crisis.

Smokey quartz can be used to release fear, worry, jelousy, anger etc by clearing negative energy and replacing with positive energy.
Crystal should be cleansed regularly as can retain the pain, negativity from last use and can be transferred to another.

Rose Quartz
Is known as a stone of love, can be used on the heart and crown chakras. Removes negative energies and replaces with positive energy of love and light.

Benefits the kidneys, general pain, burns, blisters, the throat, coughts, problems of the heart

Tourmalinated Quartz
This quartz brings together the qualities of tourmaline and quartz, it enables negative energy to be turned into positive energy. Beneficial to those prone to self sabotage and is a good problem solver.


This is a stone of relationships and love.

Beneficial for asthma, respiratory problems, the kidneys, poor eyesight, circulatory system, blood pressure, heartbeat, sexual organs, skin, thyroid, infections and migraines.

Heart Chakra
This crystalís is supportive in times of emotional shock and panic, it balances the emotions while emitting loving energy. Useful for areas such as abuse, self harm, etc. It rids emotional scars from the past enabling one to move on. Beneficial for forgiveness, promoting calm, clearing confusion and promoting unselfish love. Rhodonite also aids wounds, insect bites, ears, fertility, inflammation of joints, arthritis, stomach ulcers, autoimmune diseases, emphysema and MS.

Enhances positive dreaming. Protective stone,

Ruby in Zioste
Spiritual: Crown Chakra.
This crystal promotes individuality while allowing one to connect to others.


Beneficial for calming an overactive body system. It also regulates the glands and excessive bleeding while helping the eyes, blood disorders, vein elasticity and strength.
Blue Sapphire

 Aids the throat chakra, aids love and purity, negative energy, the thyroid, truthful talking and self-expression.

Useful for meditation and can be used on the third eye.


Aids paranoia, autism, learning difficulties, grief, fear, self-forgiveness, positive thoughts, emotional turmoil and despair.
Beneficial for facing up to unpleasant matters and can aid in pain relief, headaches, discomfort, epilepsy,

Cleans and energises all chakras, and enhances contact with spirit guides.
Sunstone is useful for those who suffer from depression

Can be used on the crown, third eye and throat. Aids spiritual and psychic development. Tanzanite is also said to enhance vision abilities and protection.
Aids the ability to talk about deep seated problems.
Benefits skin disorders, eye disorders and is said to enhance the ability to awake from comas.

Strengthens the aura and aids spiritual development. It is also useful for meditation as is thought to be Beneficial for fertility, capillaries, circulation, fevers and prevention of disease spreading.

Tigers Eye
Enhances psychic abilities when placed upon the third eye. Is said to enhance grounding and give protection. Useful to guard the aura.
Beneficial for personality disorders, mental disease, self-confidence, addictive personalities, the throat, reproductive organs and broken bones.
Good for healing, visualisation and is said to enhance wealth and health
Encourages truth, forgiveness, joy generosity, abundance, good health, honestly, self control and problem solving
Benefits the digestion, anorexia, stimulates metabolism, fortifies nerves.

Blue Topaz
Good for meditation and the throat chakra.

Clear Topaz
useful for stagnant energy or shock.


Helps with  dyslexia, arthritis, pain relief, realigns the spinal column.

Black Tourmaline
Encourages a positive mental attitude. Can be used to draw off negative energy from the body.
Benefits arthritis and can be used to give pain relief.

Blue Tourmaline

Beneficial for pulmonary and immune systems, brain, kidney, bladder, thymus, fluid imbalances, thyroid, sore throats, insomnia, night sweats, sinusitis, bacterial infections, throat, larynx, eyes, brain and speech impediments. Can be used for burns and problems with the eyes.

Green Tourmaline
Extremely beneficial as a healer, impasses compassion, tenderness, patience, negative to positive, fears, openness, prosperity, abundance, plant healing, sleep and calming for the mind.

Beneficial for the eyes, heart, thymus, brain, immune system, weight loss, CFS, exhaustion, spinal realignment, muscles strains, detoxifier, constipation, diarrhoea, claustrophobia, panic attacks and hyperactive children.

Red Tourmaline
Beneficial for tactfulness, flexibility, understanding of love, stamina, digestive system, blood, reproductive system, liver function, muscle spasms and chills.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Aids depression, fear, understanding, releasing of old pain, relationships, lowers resistance of healing, regeneration of the nerves, paralysis, MS and stress.

Said to change colour when in danger. Protective stone. Can be used on the throat and third eye chakras. Balances and aligns chakras.
Aids self-realization, problem solving, public speaking, exhaustion, depression, panic attacks.

As well as having the benefits of Howlite.
Aids dream recollection and beneficial for the
throat chakra.