Welcome to the Spiritual Wisdom Community!

It all started with a dream. A dream to open a centre where everyone could come and express their own individual spirituality. There are no rules to follow, no community to fit into, merely a search for individual spirituality.

Spiritualism is based upon 7 principles for life giving it the structure of interpretation for everyone’s best good. As the individual opens and examines these principles they find their life unfolding its own spirituality naturally and comfortably.

We soon found our own specific direction as a group – Education. Courses of study and certification soon followed in 1995 and continue to set high standards of excellence for our workers. Education and experience go hand in hand, so a set of guidelines for certification was developed for spirituality enhancement leading to ordination.

Education and self-empowerment through Spirituality, and Spiritual Practice, provides the foundation for the Spiritual Wisdom Community. We encourage people to find their individual way, while supporting each student with a solid foundation of education all the way through to the advanced levels.

Our program of education, certification, and ordination is one of the best available. It is an exercise in opening personal spirituality and recognition of the work of the individual in a group setting.

We have opened our program on the internet to reach many who cannot find it close at hand. We have caring tutors who communicate with the student in development. The program fits nicely into the ministry you perform.

Founded as an incorporated non-profit in 1992, The Church of Spiritual Wisdom has written the guidelines to approve certification of speakers, demonstrators, healers and Ordained Ministers under the philosophy indicating education and experience in balance.

The foundation course covers 12 topics for interest in a broad understanding of Spiritualism. Continuing with the Advanced Subjects defines the ministry of individual students as they proceed to qualifications for Ordained Minister.

The Spiritual Wisdom Community is made up of Church of Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Wisdom Learning Centre.

“to seek and never find, to be forever incomplete, that is the gift we fail to understand, For it allows that there is always another poem to write, another image to sculpt, another song to sing, and another heart to touch.” - Author Unknown