Lynda      Bolton


 Dear John

Just to thank you for a wonderfully accurate reading. 

I am researching the family tree and it's the huge numbers of twins which has made it tricky. In fact I have always been very interested in and drawn to twins.

My sister retired early due to knee problems. The jewellery is mum's rings and another psychic told me I should wear them.

TINA  16/08/17

Dear John

Thank you so much for the lovely and in-depth reading that you provided for me today.

I was most touched with this particular comment "I am told that you are a very deep spiritual person and a very deep thinker; you donít realize how many people you have healed and helped along your journey in life".

I found the whole reading very interesting and comforting. There are a few names that I will need to check with family members, but yes, definitely a lot of London connections, I agree.

Thank you for answering the specific question that I asked for. It has provided me with great clarity.

Kind regards


PAM GOOCH     22/8/2017

Hi John, have had a good read of my reading and it's spot on, thank you. Yes, I do feel as though I am stuck in a rut but just not sure which direction to go, just all takes time. Thank you again and I wish you well

21st July 2012
I saw you monday night, my dad came through to you and also my step brother. 

Would just like to say a massive thank you one again it has really made a big 

difference to know that he is still around. 


Hello John,
My name is Joanne, and I attended The Light on the Hill Church in Harrow last night. I had seen you before back in August there where you kindly gave me on of your cards,. Which is where I have your email number.
Since I last saw you my mum passed to spirit 8 weeks ago. She had been quite ill for a number of years, suffering with disabilities, blindness and depression, lack of speech, and very ready to go. Even though I feel her loss incredibly, I was confident that she was in peace and out of pain. But still longing to hear that all was well with her.
She made contact with your help last night. This is just to say 'Thank you' John for enabling her to do that. I slept soundly last night for the first time since she passed in the knowledge that she was back to her old self. And that she is near me.
I do understand that you cant remember each message that you hep with, but I was the first person you came to sitting at the front in a party of four. And my mum was very determined to talk. :-) Making up for all the years that she couldn't.
Thank you again, and I look forward to your next meeting in Harrow.
With gratitude and kind regards



Many thanks for the reading last week, it was just what I needed , you gave me lots of evidence.Once again thank you.......Reece

katy Searson

Thank you so much

Jennifer Leigh

Thank you, Fantastic connected with my loved ones
12/10/2011  Stephanie Tkach
Thank you sooo much for the reading you sent me today!  It was incredibly accurate!  I believe you put me in touch with my grandmother and grandfathers.  And it made me feel very good...something I needed to feel...Thank you again!

Hi John,
I got it thanks!  I have to say as well, that I really enjoyed the class.  It was a wonderful experience.  I'm going to start doing the Tuesday Spiritual Development classes with Owen and get in some meditation classes as well.  All this is new to me, but I love learning more and more about it.  Can't wait for you to send the info from the class so I can look it over again.
Thanks and God Bless,
Hi John:

Once again I have the pleasure of writing a letter of thanks to you for serving The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church.  The quality of proof and sincerity of messages that you brought to the Evening of Mediumship Demonstration on September 13th, and again at our Sunday evening service on the 18th was exceptional.

The workshop that you taught on the 17th was well attended, with the participants receiving much encouragement and wonderful tips on connecting with their guides in order to provide proof of survival and messages.

We look forward to your return in 2012.  In love and light.

Owen A. Ryan, President
Star of Hope Spiritualist Church, Oshawa.
hello John,
  I came to the port hope fare last evening and you did a reading for me( im the one whom the bank machine wouldn't work for)
 when you were finished you asked me to write something in your book. I was so emotionally overwhelmed  and shaking so bad i wasn't able to write more than he can do it. as i said at the beginning i was sure i believe in what you do.but i do now
 when my mom was dying i asked her to send me a message so I'd know she made it into heaven. that was 2 1/2 yrs ago, and i was still waiting and worrying about her.
then this spring I seen a program on t.v about Lillydale, and since then i have seen many things about it. So i decided that my mom must need help and I needed to go to lillydale but how could I do that? I wasn't sure but I decided i was going summer 2012.
 Then yesterday on the radio ( which i don't often turn on during the day)I hear  about the Joan's psychic fare. I thought to myself I should go, then went about my daily activities. then later yesterday my daughter calls me and ask me to go with her.So as you know we did Smile
      When you first starting with me you spoke of my grandmother, and I must admitted I thought . good guess at my age there a good chance my grandmother had passed.
  BUT then you starting telling me about weigth loss, but when you grabbed your lower stomach and talked about pain, I knew there and then that YOU WERE TALKING to my mother. and within a few seconds you  said to me your mom has passed and you knew you were talking to her, I had to laugh when she would tell your her name it was Anne . You told me so many thing that only she and I would know, 
   Last night was like re-living her death, it was a very restless night, but sleep did finally come and when I woke this morning I felt like a LARGE weight was been lifted off my shoulders. I know she has passed over and that is  safe in the hands of god,
                                                                   Thank you so much 
                                                                                 beth garinther 

Hi John just wanted to say thankyou for my reading on friday 5th august 2011, it was very comforting knowing that my nan is with me, lovely to know that grandad is still with me too. thanks again
                     Kind Regards
                     Rae-Louise Galvin

  • Thanks for message tonight john. Sorry i couldnt admit to you about the speeding bit but i would be getting so much ear bashing off my family :):) all very funny though and i wouldnt mind ive said so many times to spirit not to mention that and i bet there laughing away the buggers. Brilliant night and hope you come our way again soon.

Linda Richards
4th March 2010
Hi John, please use this as feedback on you site.
I want to thank you so very much for the reading you did for me today. I found it amazing! It was so lovely that all my family came through for me, you described them perfectly, you brought back loads of happy memories thank you for that. What you told me made so much sense, you told me things only I knew, I think you are very talented, you are amazing John. You made my day today thank you for this.
I will let you know what the good news is when it arrives in the post.
A very big thank you again John.
Best Wishes
Linda x

Lee Lee Litchfield 16 December
Lovely seeing you at silver ray tonight, and i have to tell you that you brought my dad through, your only the second medium who has brought him to me since he died, and the evidence you gave me was spot on i knew it was my dad as soon as you spoke to me, i feel him with me a lot but i dont really connect with him, strange really as in my circle i do talk to spirit a lot as my progress is really coming along, i wonder why i cannot talk to my dad, anyway john thanks so much you have made my christmas x

 18 October
Hi john would like to say a big thank you for my reading on saturday it was
the best ive had in a long time . i was the one that cried.

5th October
Hello John, on behalf of Star of Hope Church, here in Oshawa, Ontario  
Canada, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you  
for taking time out of your vacation here in Ontario to provide an  
Evening of Clairvoyance as a fundraiser for the Church.

The quality and quantity of message you provided to the audience was  
beyond expectation.  Many of us were touched by the sensitivity and  
compassion you and your guide Blue Arrow provided while bringing  
through messages and proof of survival from loved ones who have  
crossed over.

There were 67 tickets sold, grossing 685 canadian dollars. We consider  
these results to be excellent given that this event was literally put  
together at the proverbial eleventh hour.

We do hope you give serious consideration to returning next year.
In love and Light
6th Sepember2010
Hello John,
Just to say thankyou for the workshop information you sent to us, we really enjoyed your workshop and your evening of mediumship.
We shall see you when you are back to Harrow Light on the Hill on the 3rd November.
Karen and Paul

11:47 AM on August 18, 2010
What a lovely web site so much to read and gain inspiration from Well done John see you soon 
take care warm winds and sun 

26/July 2010

Thank you for all the info and help at Jays Inspirial Tuesday John  I found it very interesting and helpful. 
Laura x


Dear John,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for the reading you did for my mother. She was very happy with it, and you picked up some interesting things:

The person (in spirit) who liked to play cards is my grandfather. He enjoyed this very much and I remember many times as a child, watching, when him and a group of his friends would get together to play cards. 

The birthdays: March (my father's birthday), and June (my mother's father)

You picked up that either my mother needs or has just had a check-up on her eyes.... well, about a week before receiving your reading, my mother had been to have her eyes checked and got a new pair of glasses!

What you wrote here is very interesting:
"I have gentlemen, that come through, on a love link for you, and I want to say either a father or grandfather link.
He talks about being a very proud man, and very loving man as well, he says that he wants to give you a hug, to cheer you up, and he brings you flowers as well, he talks about roses for you, and he tells me, that you have a lot of memories, and that you talk about him as well."
My mother laughed when she read this because she says often when she is alone, and feeling a bit "down",  she will close her eyes and think of the ones who have already passed over, and she told me that sometimes she will say out loud "I need a hug!" 
So seems like she got her hug to cheer her up!! hahaha

Thank you once again for the reading!



Hiya John,
I've I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely reading.  Wow was really spot on with things, especially my personality.  My grandpa was in the army during the war and was very and hardworking. Me and my two sisters are all on weight watchers at the moment so that was funny! One of which was doing the family tree a wee while ago.  The M initial could be my mum - maureen, or my granny - maud (matilda).


Hi John, 
Many thanks for a most interesting evening on Saturday at The Seekers. It's the first time the spirits have ever come through for me - 
wasn't untill later that realised 'D' was in fact ex-mother-in-law (who I dearly loved and was privileged to be with when she passed over - bless her) 
So all in all a most enjoyable & memorable evening - thank you so much again. Luv & light, Pat xx

02:31 PM on March 01, 2010
Hi John, thanks for demming at The Seekers this Saturday. I thought you gave a brilliant demonstration of mediumship, you were very acurate and kept us all entertained, everbody enjoyed it! come back soon! x
Hi John
Just a quick note to say a big Thank You for the reading / work. It is very accurate and there are plenty of validations and family links in there
Anyway, spot on!  Thank you again for your time and energy
Keep up the excellent work!
Chris France
10th April 2010

Hi John

Thank you SO MUCH for my reading. It made complete sense to me, and a lot of it was really very very accurate, especially what you picked up about me...!
I feel like you were really able to connect with Spirit for me....    
Yes, the months July and September are significant for me (My daughter's birthday is in July, and mine is in September)!
                                                          10th April 2010


Hi John,
           Thanks a lot for my reading which i enjoyed very much.
I really appreciate you putting me on your healing page John,i must say that i thought my reading was excellent.I have had many readings over the years,but yours was up there with the best,lots of accuracy.What i think is wonderful is that you are truly gifted,I'm sure Spirit are very proud of you John,as you are doing an excellent job working for them.
I hope to speak with you again sometime.Thanks again
                                                                                God Bless

Kirit Patel

your the best person i have ever been in contact with ,i have sent thousands of pounds and never have they been any way correct with any thing ,john you are a real honest person and if i could shake your hand i would please understand the i have waited a very very  long time for a real person and god you are great a man the dates are spot on, the heart condition as well was my mum who passed away.john if theres any way i could help you please let me know and i will be back later on this year for more thanks

Hi John,
I was really impressed with your reading, i was thinking about it most of last night, i have had quite a few readings  sadly so many do tell you just what you want to hear & not the truth, you got the names & dates accurate so i know that you are the real deal & so I just wanted to say 'Thankyou' for your guidance & helping me remain optimistic THANKYOU !!!!09/01/09


Dear John 
Thank you so much for the reading, completely spot on about me as a person! You had my personality down to a 'T' and yes I'm really tired all the time and have been through a rough ride, I do get upset very easily. Also, I try hard to listen and help other people but never feel it in true! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for March & April




Idril Rogers

.... OH BOY how true your words, the yellow rose is my Mum she passed on 3rd Nov and we placed a yelllow rose in her coffin, I do work with spirit and know I have far to go along my path, thank you so much for a beautiful and accurate reading
Love n Light


Vicky Boulton

Dear John

I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did on Sunday.

I was blown away with the information that you were providing, you didn't receive one single no from me as you were given accurate information from my Nan (who you were channelling with) and possibly your own Spirit Guides.

You're a total blessing.

Thank you so very much once again and I wish you all the very best and happiness for 2010.



Brilliant reading, very nice man, very happy with the reading he got most of my stuff sort on. Will highly recommended.

Thanks John kind regards


3/ 10/09

Hi John,
Thanks for the reading. 
When you mentioned to me 'a move' that is because I am going to have to move all my mothers furniture and things out of her housing association bungalow because there is no way she is going to be able to move back there.
I wasn't sure who came through in the reading but it was probably my mothers mother or her sister.  You mentioned 'eye problem' ...well my mother is blind and has been for a few years now.  You mentioned the name 'David' to me and that is my son.
I could take everything you said.  Even when you were saying 'he' it kind of made sense because when my mother was in hospital I was put out that people looked at her and refered to her as 'he' because she lost all her hair a few years ago due to stress.
But yes I have been getting a bit angry with district nurses and carers as they try to off load there duties on to me, I have learnt some things and do some duties but don't want any extra duties so when you say I 'shouldn't compromise' I am putting it in that situation.
It my Dad who passed in 'May' had chest pains and who's initial is 'T' and would offer me a 'whisky' .  The initial 'S' on the other side - I remember a friend Seamus passed about two years ago.
Thank you I'm very happy with the reading.


Kathryn Pinnick-Smith 

Horley Church, 19-10-09

Thank you,it was great, and the elderly lady that lost a lot of weight before she died was my mother in law, just never expected it to be her that came to visit. xx

You gave me a message at shoebury a while back and said "who got thrown out a window" i thought you were talking about my friends little boy , but my dad was there that night and in fact it was him, his brother threw me dad out the bathroom window ,which he told me bout after the demo. just thought i would let you know

amazing, i was elsewhere with my thoughts, and really didn't think John was trying to catch my attention. Well I was and still am took back, pleased fascinated and so excited and just wow my goodness if that was not my mum and dad contacting then i just don't know much about it...... please please come back to Colchester recreation road spiritualist church on a Sunday at your earliest opportunity, whatever it is, you give it well and you have that slightly just right humour. thank you so much until next time.

lindsey and mum: 
hi John just to say thank you for helping and chatting with lindsey last night, it was her first time at the church and she was amazed at the stuff you picked up on we hope to visit you again when you are back at the clacton spiritual church
many thanks again from lindsey and tina x x x

Becky Horne: 
Thank you very much, Two months before Christmas, you gave me a reading, and said that I would start a new carear, and two weeks ago, I became a police officer

kathy davis: 
hi john i saw you work spiritually and you were spot on it was a good evening well done kathy

I would like to thank John, as he helped me speak to my nan, and I found him amazing
Thanks again

Kelli Fuller: 
Thank you so much for coming out to me at short notice.
Everything you said to me was true to the word, and left me thinkin about alot of things in my life.
I'm also left feeling relaxed in the house now, and am in no doubt about what you have expressed about Lilli-Mai.
Again thank you so so so so much.


Christine Mann: 
5th August 08

hi john

i just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for coming to me saturday evening at the open arms haven. you are very accurate, and give special details that make it realy spot on perfect! i have been attending churches and circles for about 4 years now, and i have this stronge desire to be a medium, and you picked up on this, saying
you felt that i should be up there with you. things have changed recently in side me and i think i will be ready soon.thanks for letting spirit come close to pass that message on to me, its
given me the confidence that one day i might give like you do.
christine mann

Marilyn Neary: 
John has been the first person to truly tune into me, and be spot on, about family and work, he has given me the comfort, support, and strength to go through this very difficult time, that I am experiencing.
Thank you John for you kindness and support

Hi John ,

Thanks for helping out at Coalhouse Fort last Saturday.
We really enjoyed the Night very much and thought your imput was great.
Thanks for helping Nathan out when he saw the apparition wearing the Gas Mask in the Tunnel We have listened to the footage since we have been home of when he screams and it is still scary to listen too !!
Hope to see you both again at some more of our Events in the very near future.

Take Care.

Jess and Team

hi john thanks for talking to me at the angel centre it really helped me now i know my nan is OK i can now remember her the way i want to not how i last saw her thanks again x 20-Mar-08


hi John 
i just wanted to say thank you for this evening. With me, my mum and dad it was very informative and we are so pleased with what you told us. 
You were spot on with pretty much everything.
i would definatly like another one to one reading with you . 
thanks again john 
The Elliotts 06-Dec-07

We came to see you at clacton on monday, what a lovely message you gave our mum, from dad. to have him propose from the other side was just fantastic, this is something he never did when he married mum, i guess he thought it was better late then never," bless him", and "bless you", you truly have a gift, and wish you well for the future. 24-Oct-07


hi all just to say that john is the best reader I've had, so many things he said was so true.
100% brill!!!!!
john see ya soon

jackie 20-Oct-07

John Tunbridge: 
Hi John,
I well remember the night Spirit set us up to work together in Shoeburyness, it was a wonderful night and a real pleasure to work with you. I look forward to seeing your name all over the place. Indeed i fully intend to recommend you wherever I am asked for recommendations. You give excellent solid evidence of survival, all I can say is keep up the good work !!
All the very best,
John Tunbridge 14-Sep-07

john is a true inspiration, he has giving me a reading and told me things about my past and my family only i knew. he got everything correct, and told me i also had a spirit guide and was open to the other side. i took a friend of mine to a spiritual evening with john and what a surprise.... he was spot on about everything about her even down to the bent key in her bag!!!! i would just like to thank john and blue for all that they has done, given hope, inspiration,joy and happiness to all that they meet. if you get the chance to go and see john and blue please go it changed my life, and may do the same to you!! thank you once again john and blue xx 03-Sep-07

Gareth : 
Hi John,
Nice site, I will put this as a link from my site.
I look forward to meeting and working with you in September.
Keep up the good work,. Gareth. 30-Aug-07